The high profile team of Checlougue Empire has rich experience of working in Diplomatic missions. The consultants would like to share their expertise, what they have earned all thru these years.

Each country has different immigration rules and regulations. With years of experience we can provide you the right guidance in applying for US and UK visa.

Many people think of a visa consultant only after their visa gets refused at least once. It could have been avoided if they have taken our guidance. This would have saved money and time. We would like to reiterate to “Do it Right at the first time”. After getting a refusal stamp in your passport, is like a scar in your body which cannot be taken off from your immigration history.

We guide the visa applicants to present their documents in the right way in line with the published visa guidance.

Our visa consultancy have handled many visas in different category and has got 100% success rate since its inception.

Our Services

Visa Assistance

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Visa available countries

  • Russia
    - 14 days Tourist visa
    - 28 days tourist visa
    - 6 month tourist visa
    (multiple entry)
    - 90 days business visa
    - 1 year business visa

  • Thailand
    - Transit visa available
    - 90 days Tourist visa

  • Combodia
    - Tourist Visa
    - 90 days Business visa

  • Singapore
    - Tourist visa (e-visa)

  • Malaysia
    - 30 days Tourist visa ( E-visa)
    - 1 year Tourist visa
    ( Multiple entry)

  • Dubai
    30 days Tourist visa
    90 days Tourist visa

  • Egypt
    - Tourist visa
    - Business visa

  • Turkey
    - Tourist visa

  • Armenia
    - Tourist visa (E-visa)

  • Guyana
    - Tourist visa

  • Suriname
    - Tourist visa (E-visa)

  • South Africa
    - Tourist visa

  • Uzbekistan
    - Tourist visa

  • Srilanka
    - Tourist visa (E-visa)
    - ETA ( Electronic Transfer Authorization)

  • Ukraine
    - Tourist ( E-visa)
    - Business visa

Why us?

Quality Service

Our service is what makes us strong and proud. We never compromise on our quality. We believe that services are backbone of any organization and our process is to make sure our customer is satisfied with our services.

We aim to provide first class travel experience to our clients. Our staff is professionally trained and focus to provide perfect service in order to attain all your travel needs.

Personalized assistance for visa documentation, free pickup & drop, special and discounted rates exclusively for corporates.

Great Support

Humble staff ready to answer all queries over the phone and in person, On the grounds of expertise, BTW Visa Services offers customer support through all possible means of communication for all travel needs.

24 X 7 availability and accessibility on email and calls, assistance on Sundays in case of emergency and last minute visas- this is how we justify being called as Great Support!

High Success Rate

We strive hard so that our clients get visa without any hassle. We give attention to details while consulting for visa so that there is no room for mistakes.

Constant update of the status of your visa submission or visa case, also in your appointment if applicable is the secret behind checlougue’s higher success rate of visa assurance.


No hidden fees. Complete Transparency.


Guaranteed accuracy, privacy and security.

Real time update

Get Real Time Updates on your Visa Status and Receive Visa without hassles.